B.B.A (Regular)


In year 2007, department started with 7 students.
In year 2015, department started BBA IB with 21 students.


Separate classrooms for each class and for optional subjects.
Classrooms are well equipped with smart board and projectors.
A separate cabin for head of the department and a common staff room.
Computers and laptops are available for teachers.

Name Of Faculty Designation Qualification Experience Photo
Anamika Ghosh Asst. Professor HODOf BBA/BBA IB MBA Marketing & Personnel Management.Pursuing Ph.D. Corporate 10 years
Teaching 11  years
Anita Vishwakarma Assistant Professor M.COM., M.B.A. (HR & FINANCE )Pursuing M.Phil. Corporate 3 years
Teaching 10  years
Hanumanta Koli Assistant Professor MBA Marketing&Pursuing Ph.D 11 Years
Kanan Padte Assistant Professor MBA Marketing 5 Years
ROHIT DAMODHARRAO AKOLKAR Assistant Professor BBA, LL.B, MBA(Finance), M.Com, NET, GDC&A 7 Years
Neha Nishikant Deshpande Assistant Professor B.Com, M.Com, Mphil, PhD(Pursuing) 2 Years
Dr Aparna Deshmukh Assistant Professor Bcom, M.com(Accounts & Taxation), MBA(Finance) B.Ed, PhD 16 Years
Adv. Divya Nair Assistant Professor BSL, LLB, LLM, DCL 1 Year
Mihir Padmakar Jagtap Assistant Professor Bsc (Chemistry),MA( Economics), NET, SET, PHD (Pursuing) Diploma in Retail Management 5 years
Prakash Nachnani Assistant Professor LLB, M.Com MBA PGDBM DTL 1 Year
Course Outcomes
F.Y.B.B.A. (SEM I)
Subject Code Subject Name Subject Outcome How they are fulfilled
101 GC Principles Management • To understand basic concept regarding org. Business Administration
• To examining how various management principles operate
• To develop managerial skills among the students
• Study the roles & functions of different managers • Carrying out a project on how an organisation manages its activities & functions. • Preparing presentations on profiles of various management thinkers. • To carry out situational analysis
102 SC Business Communication Skills • To understand what is the role of communication in personal and business world
• To understand system and communication and their utility
• To develop proficiency in how to write business letters and other communications required in business
• By organising role plays
• Developing the ability to understand the implications of effective communication.
• Developing an appropriate understanding of role & utility of written communication
• Analyzing the real life business situation.
• Case study of analysis of different correspondence.
103 GC Business Accounting • To develop right understanding regarding role and importance of monetary and financial transactions in business
• To cultivate right approach towards classifications of different transactions and their implications
• TO develop proficiency preparation of basic financial as to how to write basis accounting statement - Trading and P&L
• Appling accounting concepts in real life businessUsing practical situations for writingTransactions
• Comparative analysis of bank pass book andstatement and their interpretation
• Ability to prepare andinterpret bankreconciliation statement
104 GC Business Economics-Micro • To understand role of economics as it influences society and business
• To study how different decisions are taken in relation to price demand and supply
• To develop right understanding regarding Monopoly, perfect competition, revenue Etc
• Film on role of economics in life
• Case studies on Market Situation analysis and Market analysis of a particular economic decisions
• Comparative analysis of revenue and cost
• Empirical analysis and projection of market trends
105 SC Business Mathematics • To give proper understanding regarding concept of demography in modern economic setup
• To study how population and structure changes affecting quality of life and business
• To develop clarity of concept regarding social economic process and urbanization and its impact on society
• Project on impact of interest on profits and how loan helps business solvency
• To develop appropriate model for estimation of profit.
• Applying ratio and evaluate Financial data. Collection of reports of variouscompanies for analysis
• solve Problems related with combination and permutation
• Analysing for different situations with multiple number of parameters
106 SC Business Demography • To understand role and functions of modern business
• To develop right understanding regarding business environment
• To study how a business institution functions in a given economic set up
• To understand role and functions of modern business
• To develop right understanding regarding business environment
• To study how a business institution functions in a given economic set up
Add On (B) Communication skills for managers • With this course students will develop the capability to understand Information that is presented in any format.
• This course will help in developing communication skills to enable the students to put their thoughts in a fashion which iscomprehensible by the reader.
• Continuous evaluation of the student through oral, necessarywriting assignments and presentations
Subject Code Subject Name Subject Outcome How they are fulfilled
201 Business Organizations and Systems • To understand role and functions of modern business • To develop right understanding regarding business environment • To study how a business institution functions in a given economic set up • Analysis of partnership firm related documents • Report writing on ‘Examining the style and functions of different types of sole traders, • Project on Analysis of LLP and private company related documents. • Preparation of a business report and presentation of the same in a business plancompetition
202 Principles of Marketing • To develop write understanding regarding marketing environment in the country • To develop appropriate conceptual understanding as to develop basic marketing concept • To develop new understanding regarding services , rural marketing and new trends in marketing
• Analysis of successful product launchesStudy of select product failures
• Project on technological changes reports onnew trends in market
Profile of marketing policies
• Case study on marketing of services
• Problems of rural markets ,developingappropriate strategies for rural market.
203 Principles of Finance • To cultivate right approach towards money , finance , and their role in business
• To develop right understanding regarding various sources of finance and their role and utility in business
• To develop basic skills as to concept of capital structure and concept of capital structure
• Presentation on how finance helps in orgbusiness successfullyAnd on identifying different needs of finance activities
• A report on assessing capita needs of a business need
• Evaluating a balance sheet Whether the firm is over or under capitalized
204 Basics of Cost Accounting • concept of cost expenditure in business
• To develop understanding how overheads influence the cost structure of cost
• To develop skills for computation of total cost for a particular product
• Demonstration of costing as basicdecision input
• Analysis of cost statement of differenttypes of manufacturing units
• To learn about contract and process costand to learn practical aspects of the above
205 Business Statistics • To understand role and importance of statistics in various business situations
• To develop skills related with basic statistical technique
• Develop right understanding regarding regression, correlation and data interpretation
• Problem solving & analysis using different statistical tools
206 Fundamentals of Computers • To develop concept of information and their role in modern businesses
• To develop rational approach as to how computers can be used in data process analysis in business
• To develop understanding regarding cautions to be taken security, safety and security while using net based service
• Demonstrations and hands-on Experience Practical exposure regardingusages of computers
• Projects on importance of Computer network in business Processes
• Case studies on implications on cyber-attacks and Loss due to improper cyberactivities
Subject Code Subject Name Subject Outcome How they are fulfilled
GC-301 Principles of Human Resource Management 1. To introduce the basic concepts of Human Resource Management.
2. To cultivate right approach towards Human Resource and their role in business.
3. To create awareness about the various trends in HRM among the students.
1. Interaction between teacher and student regarding study related topics.
2. Role plays about challenges before HRM. 3. Presentations on various topics are given by students to get clarity of the subject.
4. Understand the importance of Job Analysis and Human Resource Planning in organization.
5. Develop the problem solving and decision making skills through discussions.
6. Develop the basic ability to how to satisfy the employees and boost their morale at workplace.
7. Understand the changing environment in HRM.
GC-302 Supply Chain Management 1. To enable the students to have a comprehensive understanding of Supply Chain Management.
2. To understand key concepts and issues of Logistics and Inventory Management.
3. To understand Warehousing and its role in Space Management.
1. Role plays and group discussions on the Bull-Whip Effect.
2. Understand the functions of supply chain management.
3. Learn to prepare write-up on store keeping.
4. Presentations on current IT trends in SCM.
5. Prepare report on research based issue of workforce management and relationship management.
6. Understand the link between HRM and SCM.
GC-303 Global Competencies and Personality Development 1. To build self-confidence, enhance self-esteem, and improve overall personality of the students.
2. To enhance global and cultural competencies of the students.
3. To groom the students for appropriate behavior in social and professional circles.
1. Video films on theories of personality.
2. SWOC analysis by students and encourage them to set personal goal through theoretical and practical knowledge.
3. Develop ability to work under pressure and flexibility at work place.
4. Develop social empathy and explain social responsibilities of individual.
5. Understand effective use of body language.
6. Develop skills of managing time.
7. Ability of effective public speaking.
8. How to write emails.
GC-304 Fundamentals of Rural Development 1. To understand the development issues related to rural society. 2. To find the employment opportunities for rural youth.
3. To create interest among the rural youth to participate in rural development programmes and schemes for sustainable development.
4. To discourage seasonal and permanent migration to urban areas.
1. Presentations and group discussions on importance of rural development.
2. Debates on SHG’s and its effectiveness.
3. Case study and discussion sessions on self help group.
4. Understand agropreneurship by visiting Bhimthadijatra.
5. Understand micro financing. Role plays on internet and rural development and chart presentation for rural development.
6. Project on IT enabled services for an e-village.
7. Collection of details of any scheme of rural development by students.
A305MM Consumer Behavior and Sales Management 1. To develop significant understanding of Consumer behavior in Marketing.
2. To understand the relationship between consumer behavior& Sales Management.
3. To develop conceptual based approach towards decision making aspects & its implementation considering consumer behavior in Sales Management.
1. Understand the nuances of consumer behavior through presentations.
2. Understand strategy building and its effectiveness.
3. Develop innovative sales strategy followed by the organizations.
4. Analysis of success or failure behind strategies implemented.
5. Skit, role plays and presentations relevant to overcome dynamic challenges for sales organizations.
A306MM Retail Management 1. To provide basic understanding of forces that shape retail industry
2. To provide understanding of retail operations and strategy 3. To provide understanding of opportunities and challenges in retail industry
1. Presentation to understand the perspectives of students of retail industry.
2. Understanding of the retail concepts, its scope, objectives, opportunities and challenges.
3. Presentation to understand the lay out and customer flow on the floor.
4. Understand the planning process behind a retail business.
5. Understand innovative methods adopted by companies to execute their retail strategy.
6. Find the reasons for the success or failure while analyzing the execution strategies adopted by the organization.
7. Understand challenges while implementing a plan, in context of retail management.
8. Brain storming sessions to propose solutions to recent challenges in retail sector.
9. Developing critical thinking ability to explore various angles while facing challenges in the retail sector.
B305FM Management Accounting 1. To impart basic knowledge of management accounting. 2. To understand the implications of various financial ratios in decision making.
3. Application and use of various tools of management accounting in the business.
1. Group discussions on concept of management accounting, and difference between management, cost and financial accounting.
2. Understanding different methods of analysis and classification of various ratios through PPT, videos, discussions.
3. Calculate contribution and breakeven point to reach profitability level of any business through PPT, videos and discussions.
4. Understand to prepare the types of budgets.
B305FM Banking and Finance 1. Study of banking function and its operations.
2. To study the functioning of Regulatory Authorities in India.
3. To study recent technology in banking industry
1. Understand structure of banking system through PPT, video, discussion.
2. Understand the functions and operations of banks.
3. Understand functions of various regulatory Authorities in India.
4. Understand how to use new technology in banking operations along with its cyber security.
C305FM Organizational Behavior/td> 1. To describe the major theories, concepts, models and frameworks in the field of Organizational Behavior.
2. To explain determinants of Organizational Behavior at Individual, Group and Organizational Level.
3. To give knowledge about approaches to line-up individual, groups & managerial behavior in order to achieve organizational goals.
1. Understand importance and models of organizational behavior through PPT and discussions.
2. Develop the knowledge & ability of the students about the concepts of Personality, Motivation, value & Attitude.
3. Development of Problem-solving and decision making skills of students.
4. Develop the knowledge & ability of the students with respect to the concepts of Group Dynamics, Conflict Management & Leadership.
5. Develop the knowledge & ability of the students about the concepts of Organizational Culture & Change.
6. Learning preparation of Google forms for data submission.
C305HRM Legal Aspects of Human Resources. 1. To study and explain rights of employees at work place. 2. To understand the Applications of different Legal Aspects in HR.
1. Better understanding of the rights of employees at workplace.
2. Understanding of the legal issues related to HR in organization.
3. Develop the knowledge & ability of the students about the concepts Wage & Salary Administration.
4. Better understanding of Workmen's Compensation Act, 1923.
5. Develop the knowledge & ability of the students about the concepts Wage & Salary Administration.
6. Better understanding of Workmen's Compensation Act, 1923.
Subject Code Subject Name Subject Outcome
401 Production & Operations Management 1) Students know the Production concepts and Operations.
2) Students understand the production methods and importance of production planning.
3) Students identify the production problems.
4) Students apply to identify ergonomically designs of product and its features.
5) Students use to develop creative ideas about new products.
402 Industrial Relations &Labour laws 1) Students learn the laws about employees and importance of industrial relations.
2) Students understand the employee contributions and participations in solving any industrial disputes.
3) Students identify the labour`s problems.
4) Students apply labour rights to create awareness about.
5) Students read with interest cases about labour laws.
403 Business Taxation 1) Students know the Taxation concepts and articles of it.
2) Students understand the importance of taxation policies.
3) Students identify the taxable and non-taxable entities.
4) Students able to analyze the Taxation Forms and Reports.
404 International Business 1) Students know the International Business policies and its importance in balanced development.
2) Students understand the importance of Imports and exports.
3) Students read and tell Foreign exchange rates.
4) Students know the roles of International agencies to overcome regional development.
405 Management Information System 1) Students know the various Management Information Systems and concepts of it.
2) Students understand the role of Decision Support Systems in Management.
3) Students show interest in the Information Systems Development.
4) Students apply to identify issues in Management Information System.
5) Students use to develop creative ideas about new ways to solve management problems.
406 Business Exposure 1) Students get exposure to actual industrial works and activities.
2) Students enjoy the field visit to Industrial / Business Plants.
3) Students show interest in Business activities run in day to day business.
4) Students identify issues in Business Operations.
5) Students prepare report of Industrial Visits.
Subject Code Subject Name Subject Outcome
501 Supply Chain and Logistics Management 1) Students got to know about the fundamentals of Supply Chain and Logistics.
2) Students understood the Concepts of materials and logistics management.
3) Students got familiarized with issues of inventory and trends of supply chain and logistics in contemporary issues as physical distribution, procurement, warehousing and dispatch management .
502 Entrepreneurship Development 1) Students go to know about the insights of Entrepreneur and Entrepreneurship.
2) Students got awareness about the Business opportunity Identification and Preliminary Project Report(PPR).
3) Students showed interest and practiced Business plan from the point view of entrepreneur.
4) Students used their skills in learning Institutional Support to New Venture.
503 Business Law 1) Students got to know the legal terms and concepts.
2) Students understood the India Contract Act 1872, the Sales of Goods Act 1930, Companies Act, 1956, Information Technology Act, 2000 and Right to Information Act, 2005.
3) Students try to comprehend applicability of legal principles to situations in Business world by referring to few decided leading cases.
504 Research Methodology 1) Students are provided with basic understanding of research process and tools for the same.
2) Students are made well versed with sources of data collection as primary and secondary.
3) Students practiced and understood the knowledge and skills about data analysis and interpretation.
4) Students developed the capability in writing skills for Business research by using the necessary tools and techniques necessary of research
505 – A Analysis of Financial Statement (Finance Specialization) 1) Students got knowledge about the interpretation and analysis of financial statements effectively.
2) Students made acquainted with current financial practices.
3) Students interpreted Ratio Analysis, Cash Flows, Fund Flows.
4) Students were made aware about financial statements as part of their professional responsibilities.
505 – B Sales Management (Marketing Specialization) 1) Students know the basic understanding of sales management.
2) Students learn the basic Processes and skills necessary to be successful in personal selling .
3) Awareness about recent trends in sales management and Information Technology concepts.
4) Learning and application of selling techniques in day to day functioning.
5) Students understand the tools and techniques necessary to effectively manage the sales functionorganizationwise– individualwise.
6) Students become confident about interacting with people.
7) Applying various techniques to convince the customers.
8) Knowledge about preparing various reports and planning process is improved with every interaction.
9) Application of management Information system in use.
506 – A Long Term Finance (Finance Specialization) 1) Students knew the study of long-term financing.
2) Students got well-acquainted regarding current financial structure.
3) Students read and studied about dividend policies.
506 – B Retail Management (Marketing Specialization) 1) Students got insights into all functional areas of retailing.
2) Students understood the a perspective of the Indian retail scenario.
3) Students identified the paradigm shifts in retailing business with increasing scope of technology and e-business.
Subject Code Subject Name Subject Outcome
601 Business Planning and Project Management 1) Students got acquainted with the planning process in business and familiarize them with the function and techniques of project management.
2) Students understood the Concepts Network Techniques.
3) Students got familiarized with Project Audit and Life Cycle of Project.
602 Event Management 1) Students go to know about the concepts, issues and various aspects of event management.
2) Students got idea about Facets of Event Management.
3) Students showed interest and practiced marketing of an Event in Reality .
4) Students used their skills in evaluating the event
603 Management Control System 1) Students got to know the function of management control, its nature, functional areas, and techniques.
2) Students understood the Computers in MCS.
3) Students try to comprehend applicability MCS for real time project.
604 E-Commerce 1) Students are provided with basic understanding of the concept of electronic commerce.
2) Students are made well versed with concept of electronic commerce.
3) Students practiced and understood the knowledge and skills about concept of Cyber Law & Cyber Jurisprudence.
605 – A Financial Services (Finance Specialization) 1) Students got knowledge about the financial services in India as Indian Financial System, Financial Markets, Banking and Insurance Sector in India and Recent Trends in Accounting and Finance.
2) Students made acquainted with current financial practices.
3) Students well acquainted with Financial Markets.
605 – B Advertising and Sales Promotion (Marketing Specialization) 1) Students understand the effect of Advertising and sales promotion in Business.
2) Advertisement develops the business and creates a positive impact in the minds of the customers.
3) The benefit of reach, mileage and economical is inderstood.
4) The benefit of Effective Advertising.
5) Preparing and understanding the various concepts like copy decision, media planning, brand awareness and equity.
6) The importance of interacting and maintaining customer relationship.
7) Understanding the customers.
606 – A Cases in Finance (Finance Specialization) 1) Students understood how projected financial statements to be submitted to the bank for loan proposal.
2) Students got well-acquainted regarding Analysis & interpretations of financial statement with the help of Techniques like Ratio analysis, Fund flow Analysis, Cash flow Analysis.
3) Students read and studied about dividend policies and Students identified the scope of project in related Insurance sector and working Capital Management.
606 – B Cases in Marketing (Marketing Specialization) 1) Students got familiarize with application of theory into practice in Marketing Specialization.
2) Students prepared a project report on the topics selected under the guidance of a faculty and submit one hard binding copy and one soft copy of the same to the Principal of the college.
3) Students learn from Case Studies:- Case – Meaning – Objectives of Case Studies – Characteristics & Importance of Case Studies – Guidelines for Case Studies & Cases Discussion.
4) Facts of the case
5) Analysis
6) Solution
7) Action points
8) Conclusion
Co-Curricular Activity

Role Play.
PPT Competition.
Group Discussion.
Case Study Method.
Cultural Activities.
Sports Activities.

Extra-Curricular Activity

Tree Plantation.
Blood Donation.
Joy of Giving.
Swachhata Abhiyaan Rally.
Street Play.

Student Achievements
Sr. No. Year Name of the Student Achievement Details Location
1. 2016-17 Niranjan kale Rodies S.B. Patil College
2 2016-17 Rahul Singh Singing Competition Wadia College Pune
3. 2016-17 Saroj Chauhah, Tayyabba Golandaj Debate Competition MUCC College, Pimpri
4. 2016-17 Abhishek Rana Dance Competition Crist College. Wadgaon Sheri
5. 2016-17 Saroj Chauhah, Tayyabba Golandaj Debate Competition MUCC College, Pimpri
6. 2017-18 Abhishek Anand & Avinansh Anand Gusto , Singing Competition Indira College of Commerce & Science
7. 2018-19 Amrita Bedi & Team Singing Competition (Firodiya Karndak) Firodiya College