B.S.c Home Science

Establishment / Milestones :

Home Science is a multidisciplinary field of study which comes under the faculty of Science. It is the combination of Science and Art altogether. In Home Science, the science is studied in an artistic way and at the same time art is developed scientifically in the form of skills. Many times Home Science Education being the basis for education of family ecosystem is referred to as the “Education for Better Living”. It deals with the natural as well as man-made environments in a family and inter as well as intra family relationships.
This department is started in 2019.
Currently department has 60 intake for B.Sc in Home Science.

Objectives :

To make the students understand about the fact that the course content is both science and arts.
To represent an interdisciplinary field that prepares young students to prepare two most important goals of their lives: caring for their home and family as well as prepare for a career in life.
To development the skills in the students to choose their career in the field of catering, food preservation,Interior decoration, child psychologist, textile designing, teaching.