Best Practices & Institutional Distinctiveness

Two Best Practices of Institute

First best practice followed by the college: Job Fair

1. Title of the practice: JOB FAIR

2. Goals:

  • To provide a platform to jobseekers to get great job opportunity under one roof.
  • To aware students about current job opportunity in various sectors and various career.
  • To aware job seekers/students to understand the skill set requirement of current industry Options in current industries

3. Context:

KES‘s Pratibha group have conducted ‘Pratibha Job Fair 2018’ this year to benefit to college students. ‘Pratibha Job Fair’ is a creative idea that brings together the potential employers and job seekers under one roof which gives opportunity to the candidates to get their desired job. This year college has arranged this event for college students from all over Maharashtra. Pre campus training have been given to student 8 days before job fair.

4. The practice:

Approximately 150+ companies have visited our institute for ‘Pratibha Job Fair 2018’. More than 15000 students have registered for job fair from all over Maharashtra. Approx. 3000 candidates were shortlisted for next round.

5. Evidence of success:

Near about 150 on the spot offer letters has been issued to candidates for different MNC companies like Infosys, TCS, Amazon etc.

6. Problems Encountered and Resources Required:

Crowd control is the major problem that every year college has to face, but all the placement team members and students have given their hundred percent support and service to achieve grand success of these event.

Second best practice followed by the college: No Cracker Please

1. Title of the practice: NO CRACKERS PLEASE

2. Goals:

  • To increase environmental awareness among students through the celebration of pollution free Diwali.
  • To save cores of rupees wasted on purchase of crackers.
  • To spend the saved money on purchase of books, games, etc.

3. Context:

As a part of Environmental awareness, it is important to create social awareness and scientific awareness among the students. Every year college takes initiative in conducting the campaign, “No Crackers Please”.

4. The practice:

Pratibha College of Commerce and Computer Studies has participated in ‘No Crackers Please’ campaign since last three years in association with Maharashtra Andhashradha Nirmulan Samitee, Pune and Pimpri-Chinchwad.
1) National Service Scheme.
2) This Year pratibha group of institute have distributed more than 5000 pamphlets.
The pamphlets for cracker free Diwali and also the pledge of not lightening the crackers and saved money to be used for purchasing books, games, etc. Group of students visited different schools and distributed pamphlets to create awareness.

5. Evidence of success:

The pledge (undertaking) on pamphlets are getting filled up from school/college students, citizens of the town, by our students. Our staff members are motivating our students to spread this pollution awareness event. 5000 forms are pledged by school and college students and this year about 1.00 lakh rupees are saved from purchasing and lightening crackers.

6. Problems Encountered and Resources Required:

Exact utilization record is difficult to collect from students.

Additional Best Practices:

Sr. No Practice 2015-16 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19
1 Job Fair Started in 2013 Continued Not conducted due to inavitable circumstances Continued
2 Crackers Free Diwali Started in 2010 Continued Continued Continued
3 Mini Pool Campus - - Started Continued
4 Waste Plastic collection - - Started Continued
5 Yoga and Fitness Program Started Continued Continued Continued
6 Formation of different clubs/Association started from 2011-12 Started Continued Continued Continued


The vision of our college is “Vertical and horizontal mobility of students create the desired value.” In this context, the college keeps working vigorously on the concept of ‘Pratibha Finishing School’. It emphasizes on providing additional inputs to the students for their dynamic career in the form of training in various areas viz., personality development, technical skills, soft skills and moral education. The basic objective behind this activity is to increase the communication skills of the students and to develop their personality. It will help to make our students employable and also to inculcate the seeds of an entrepreneurship among them. Today’s generation is very intelligent, academically strong enough and technically sound, but many a times unable to communicate effectively the industry at the time of recruitment.

In this context, the college is taking efforts on preparing the students to face the challenges of the placement process and also equip them with skills required once they enter the corporate world. Pratibha Finishing School is about pre-placement activities which focus on continuous up-grading of students by recognizing career paths and designing suitable short term courses accordingly. These courses will help the students to enhance their knowledge, skills and confidence to stand out in the corporate. In the college, we have organized workshop on ‘Guidance on Competitive Examinations’ and guest lecture on ‘Career Guidance’ by Soft Skills and Career Development Committee. As an outcome of such motivation by subject teachers, guest speakers and sessions of workshops many students have done MOOC and Swayam courses.

In the year 2019-2020, students were trained by Master Trainers such as MAHINDRA PRIDE CLASSROOM, FUEL, HR WORLD WIDE ITES, Barclays and ETHNUS who have a vast experience of the corporate environment. Pratibha Finishing School has conducted short term courses containing different sessions for different skill sets for the betterment ofthe students. Activities under Pratibha Finishing School are handled by the Placement Cell of the college as a pre-placement training initiative. School has run the following titled courses:

  • Soft Skills Communication Skills
  • Aptitude
  • Technical Skills
  • 10 Days Workshop on Communication Skills for Managers
  • 250 hours Data Science Course by ETHNUS

The courses were designed by the trainers by taking into consideration the requirements of the students in line with general communication skills, technical skills, managerial skills, pre- placement and post placement abilities. Pratibha Finishing School focuses on the overall development of the students by providing them best teaching learning environment through well focused dynamic education in addition to regular curriculum. Through this, we are stepping towards achievement of the mission of our college, ‘Personality Enhancement through Soft Skills and Competitive Careers’ and ‘To Inculcate Skills Valued by Industry and Leading to graduate Employability’. It is helping the students to compete in this ever-changing and volatile industry. The institute believes on the modules of socialization, “Personality colors our values, beliefs, and expectations.”


Pratibha Finishing School

The title ‘Finishing School’ itself implies a significant approach in the life of the student. Pratibha College of Commerce & Computer Studies (PCCCS) always strives for the best to follow the vision of horizontal and vertical mobility of our students. The concept is best explained with the Knowledge Management approach of PPT (People, Place and Technology). We at Pratibha Finishing School (PFS) have always been working for the benefit of our students with – Right Career Option – Right Advice – Right Time. Besides, the University Curriculum, PCCCS always initiates different trainings, different add on courses, guest lectures, seminars to make every student employable. We also inculcate the early exposure to learning and competition found to be building up confidence and sharpening the skills which raises the level of competitive exams. The exam accordingly enhances the skill of understanding the application of concepts, which is required in a broader context when we appear for exams like Civil Service and many others. We start with our mission by mentoring career and counselling sessions for our students. Through mentoring the basic KSA (Knowledge, Skills and Abilities) analysis is done and accordingly the students are stimulated to the bright prospective of happy careers – through different courses of Pratibha Finishing School. Under PFS, we provide clear pathways for successful and timely completion of the student’s academic goals. Also, we guide our students regarding a wide variety of employment opportunities available in different fields in building up their careers. A convenient communication pathway supports students to tackle real industry problems and create competitive career plans for their future. Students are supported by industry professionals to develop employability skills in the following areas:

  • Critical Thinking, problem solving, and project management
  • Communication and collaboration
  • Creativity and innovation

Career Competitive exams and Soft Skills are also on our top priority. Accordingly, we have appointed subject experts to conduct the lectures for the upliftment of each student. The lectures were organized for all our undergraduate students as well as post graduate students. It was observed that the lectures on career competitive and soft skills were filled with edutainment, infotainment and activities which helped to develop the students overall personality. The sessions further have found to be improving the communication skills of our students when they face their interview. For the competitive exams, our college also conducted various tests like, Know Your Economy Test, General Knowledge Test. The students were highly benefitted with the tests. The overall significance of our Pratibha Finishing School aims to develop leadership qualities among students which will help them to become ideal citizen.


The year of 2017-18 is solely dedicated to the agility of skills and soft skills. The dexterity is the most appropriate technology for the students as well as the teachers. The knack for interaction in society, the knack for teamwork, the knack for participation in various activities of college, decision making, collaboration and critical thinking all have the potential to flourish. The endeavor for the same is exclusively at the hands of PCCCS. The management accordingly has been taking an initiative to inculcate the diverse precision for productive lectures and oration for the same. The college has taken a stand in thoroughly implementing the vision and mission of the college. In line with this the Value Addition and Soft skills Committee has been formed and appointed for the overall development and personality enhancement of the students. The special mention is to be made of the time tables set exclusively for the soft skills oration or sermons. The lectures are purely ‘Interdisciplinary Teaching’ for the proficiency to stand out. Mahindra Pride School accordingly has been arranging lecture series on soft skills for the students. The magnitude and the enormity of the same are exclusively prominent in the students’ interaction with their peers and in various activities. The concept of environment friendly campus and classes is implemented from the academic year 2017-18 with less paper work and more of e-waste management. Accordingly, the e-diary concept has been instigated for the teacher’s. The e-diary is implemented online. The day to day lectures and the activities are clearly mentioned in e-diary. The e-diary is the part of the curriculum which is checked timely by the authorities. In line with this curriculum the academic audit is also conducted for the benefit of the teachers and students with suggestions for the needed and academic audit results. The institutional distinctiveness also disseminates knowledge based education for the ethical upliftment of teachers and students which is our social responsibility. The dissemination is best followed and articulated through Pratibha Job Fair, Trade Fair and its entrepreneurship, Placement training to undergraduate students, provision of snacks and fruits to the devotees of Pandharpur Wari near Chinchwad Station. Industry-academia collaboration is fruitfully acknowledged by the Placement drives or Mega Pool Campus with the skills and enormity of the students in employability generation. The students are very well acquainted with the mentoring system in the college. The mentoring system in the college is strictly followed by all the faculty members and as and when required the counselor Mrs. Madhuri Nikam provides helping hand to the students for the needful.


Pratibha College of Commerce and Computer Studies is situated in the middle of industrial hub. Opportunities and acquaintances have been exploring for the employability of the students. Accordingly, social responsibility and high tech conception of the conglomerate has taken to be of the utmost priority. For the same priority base, the college with the help of placement committee organizes Mega Pool Campus Drive, Cognizant, Amazon, Mphasis and such drives for the upliftment in students’ employability career path. In accordance for the above said the college has taken up with career guidance and Happiness within as a priority in the students’ health and path to success. The Career Guidance Club of the college takes initiative to plunk the best for the students. For the employability and the entrepreneurship the various committees of the college works strenuously in organizing the seminars and guest lectures with the experts and their expertise. It is recognized in the Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC) area, the exclusive feature of Pratibha Job Fair and Pratibha Trade Fair. Pratibha Job Fair is accordingly considered as the institution’s Best Practice. Pratibha Trade Fair promotes the spirit of entrepreneurship and accordingly boosts their confidence. The spirit of tough and perfect competition is thus imbibed in every student. The college has been taking efforts for the competitive examination which has become the need of the hour. The competitive examination accordingly is arranged for the improvement in every student’s verve. Guest lectures are also initiated in the career guidance club. To get the best for the students’, the college has collaborated with Mahindra Pride School to develop the Aptitude, Personality and the overall growth of the students. The follow up for the same is strictly maintained for the further guidance as and when needed. The aspect of Happiness within students and teachers’ is the basic objective of the Institution and its entailing Institutional Distinctiveness. Under the Faculty Development Programme (FDP), the college has been arranging guest lectures on truly productive and effective sermon lectures. The oration such as, ‘Parenting, Working Women and Happiness within and ‘Maintaining family relationships’ have encompassed the true meaning of health and mental health. The teachers are also trained in the Hadoop technology with,’ Big data & Hadoop Technology’. The session was conducted with, ‘Train the Trainers’ for 5 weeks by Clairvoyant Prizinfo Pvt. Ltd, Pune. The training for the teachers proved to be beneficial for the technical aspects in the faculty members which further helps in curriculum. The curriculum also has an added advantage of academic audit wherein the faculty members and their teaching is analyzed through proper system and suggestions for the same are informed to the concerned teachers.


The year 2015-16 was instilled with edification of students and teachers. Competitive Career Club was accordingly started with coaching the students for MPSC & UPSC in association with Sarvodaya Classes, Nigdi, Pune. Pratibha College of Commerce and Computer Studies (PCCCS) successfully conducted these classes in the weekends wherein the students’ enhancement and edification for the same was updated. Students participation or involvement in the classes helped them in their various examinations also as the syllabus covered the current affairs thoroughly. The college being at the industrial hub ascertained the added advantage for the overall development of the students coming from rural and semi rural localities. Counseling and mentoring of the students related to academics and personal challenges is fruitfully solved by the concerned faculty member. Soft skills and the dexterity of the same is positively taken to be grooming the students in communication and personality development. The competitive career club, the counseling and mentoring as well as soft skills activity has been the main motto and motive in the vision and mission of the college. The students and their career has always been the prior significant approach for the teachers and the management. For the smooth teaching learning process for the students and teachers, various guest lectures and Faculty Development Programme (FDP) are arranged to enrich their pedagogy. The benefit for the same is best observed in the analytical and sermon skills of the teachers to the students. FDP and the guest lecture for the same was accordingly instigated by Dr. Benny with the topic on, ‘Pedagogy of Teaching’. A session on meditation was also organized for the constructive impact of Meditation and Stress gratis by Mrs. Bhavna Shah, a motivational speaker. The updates of the teaching plan and syllabus is clearly maintained through Teachers’ Diary every year. The planning, execution and time management accordingly emerges to be prolific. The diary suitably is ensured with the Head of the department and further conceded to the Principal. The Institution has espoused anew practice of Academic Audit. The Academic audit is conducted with the objective of the pedagogy of teaching and the methods of the same. Accordingly the audit results are analyzed and suggestions for the same are informed to the teachers. The information, analysis and the suggestions about the academic audit of the teachers is discussed in the healthy environment for the improvement in the pedagogy and communication in the classroom.