Admission Committee


  • Admission Convenor
    • Mrs. Rasika Patil
  • Assistant Members
    • Dr Shruti Ganpule
    • Prof. Nilambari Kale
    • Prof. Anita Vishwakarma
    • Prof. Padmavati Patil
    • Prof. Anuradha Ghodke
    • Prof. Ashlesha Deole
    • Prof. Purnima Ajgaonkar
    • Prof. Rohit Akolkar
    • Mr. Mangesh Mandhare
    • Mrs. Gouri Zalkikar
    • Mr. Ranjeet Shah
  • Student Members
    • Miss. Aishwarya Biradar
    • Mr. Swapnil Kshatriya


    College admissions is all about finding a knowledge depository that fits you. As an applicant, you are looking for an environment where you can thrive academically and personally, and it is the job of an admission in charge to identify students who will make great additions to a unique campus community.Grades and test scores are important factors in college admission, but admission leaders are also looking for curious and engaged candidates who will round out a diverse first-year class.The extracurricular activities and the Commitment to a sport, hobby, religious organization, or job over three years of high school is key. Colleges would much rather see you excited about a few worthwhile endeavors than marginally involved with a fruitful club.Conversations with your college counselor about what’s important to you in terms of academics, campus culture, and financial aid will help guide your overall college search.The key components of the college application are your transcript, score reports, letters of recommendation, and application essay. Colleges will also ask you to list your extracurricular activities

Committee Objectives

  • To disseminate clearly the admission procedure
  • To provide guidance and familiarize prospective students with the University.
  • To create a brand value with awareness of the institute.
  • To provide the best counselling to students and parents in admissions.
  • To guide the students and parents in making effective decisions.
  • To enhance the procedure with right technology of people and place.

Activites of the Committee & Courses

Discussion of online admissions and offline.
Block G2 and G8 - Admission Duties
Tally the online and offline admissions.
Telegram channel updates to students and teachers