Deep Pratibha


Committee Chairman:-
             Mrs. Rasika Patil

Committee Member:-
             Dr. Roopa Shah,
             Mrs. Anuradha Ghodke,
             Dr. Brijesh Deshmukh,
             Mrs. Surekha Kumbhar.


Deep Pratibha, a College Magazine, reflects the activities of our college organized throughout the year. It is a perfect medium for our students and faculty members to express their opinions, portray their writing skills (creative writing) humour, poems and articles in our magazine. It is a platform to motivate and encourage students and our renowned faculty members for their active participation in Workshops, Conferences, Seminars and Orientation programme, Research Competition (Avishkar), Inter-Collegiate competitions and so on.

Committee Objectives

To enhance the creativity of our students through writing skills.
To be precise on the rules and regulations of SPPU.
To inculcate student’s perspective and aspirations.
To provide an ambience that makes our students ethically strong and professionally competent and, thereby, contributing to a healthy and prosperous society.

Activites of the Committee & Courses

The basic activity of the committee goes with the scrutiny of all the Articles. Also, the activity organized is in the form of Essay writing test, Sketches, Know Your Economy Test. There are also some interesting features and tests to be organized in the following academic year.