Earn And Learn Sceheme


Our college is located in semi urban area and it is observed that most of the students are from rural background especially the poor and the marginalized lack opportunities. To support the students in this competitive and ruthless world the college has started department of student welfare. Now it is renamed as department of student development. The various activities for the benefit of the students are plan under the department. The Earn & Learn Scheme has designed for economically backward, intelligent and meritorious students who cannot afford the higher education. Under the Board of student welfare, University of Pune Earn and Learn scheme was started in our college from the academic year 2010-11.The selection of students to work under the scheme was done on the basis of interview. Student apply for the scheme and considering the background of the student they get selected. Following table shows the no of students has worked under earn and learn scheme. Under this scheme for student Each student is expected to work for three hours (3) daily.Students working under this scheme are paid an honorarium of Rs.45 per hour as per the revised rates effective 1 Feburay 2017.Payment is made as per the attendance sheet, which is to be maintained by the institute/college/university. The students are requested to open a bank account at their respective places and are given payment by cheque. At the end of the year the respective institute/college is requested to submit the annual accounts for the scheme when the central audit scheme is undertaken. Our College summary for Earn and Learn scheme from last three year:

Academic Year Boys Girls Total Students Participated Grant Received College contribution Total
2018-19 10 24 34 375000 202187 577187
2017-18 33 4 37 270000 100000 370000
2016-17 18 6 24 172360 27640 200000