Feedback Committee


Committee Chairman:-
             Prof. Aparna Joshi

Committee Member:-
             Prof. Tripti Mahabare,
             Prof. Sonali Bhusare,
             Prof. Rahul Sawant,
             Prof. Giridhar Gundre,
             Prof. Vidya Bhoge,
             Prof. Prerana Dhatrak,


The feedback committee is constituted for conduction and evaluation of feedback from students, parents, alumni, employee and other stakeholders. Online feedback system is implemented for feedback collection. The committee will conduct feedback twice in every year. First feedback should be conducted and analyzed after 4th week from the commencement of the semester. The second feedback of the semester will be conducted at the end of the semester.

Committee Objectives

To provide platform to students, parents, alumni, employees and stakeholders for comment on teaching, learning quality and other factors as part of review processes.
To assess the success of course, support services, academics and co-curricular activities.
To take the feedback from all stakeholders including students, parents, alumni, employee on all aspects.

Activites of the Committee & Courses

Collection of feedback from –
Feedback from these stakeholders are collected on course, support-services, infrastructure, teaching and learning process, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities etc.
Analysis of feedback forms.
Communication regarding analysis to the concerned stakeholders / authorities for necessary action.