Indusrial Tour Excursion


Committee Chairman:-
             Mr Dinesh Lahori

Committee Member:-
             Prof Hanumant Koli,
             Prof Rutuja Chavan,
             Prof Santosh Kakade,
             Prof Poonam Kankariya ,
             Prof Amol Kumbhar,
             Dr Nisha Chaudhari,
             Prof Madhuri Gandhi.

Committee Objectives

To imbibe practical exposure to the Theoretical aspect of the Course Curriculum.
To bring connectivity between Academia and Corporate through the channel of Industrial Visit, thus to facilitate the journey from College to Corporate.
To revitalize the students by incorporating fun activities through the means of Excursions and outings.

Activites of the Committee & Courses

In due respect to the University curriculum, Industrial visits to different manufacturing companies are scheduled and executed.
At times, efforts are invested to harness the practical fruits of Local MIDC Industries and Banks for Commerce and Management students.
Efforts are also made to visit the Local Government bodies likes University departments, District Statistics office, Government Centre of Honey Bee and Research.
Finally, as the fun part of the curriculum – Excursions are planned and executed.