Maintenance Policy:

The college in consultation with the management ensures the procurement, upgrading and maintenance of physical infrastructure and learning resources in line with the requirements of quality education. The College development committee, IQAC and heads of the departments plan and coordinate all the activities needed for upkeep and maintenance of infrastructure facilities. In every department one of the staff members is assigned to oversee the laboratories and equipment etc. They are made responsible for safe and smooth maintenance of the equipment and facilities. Besides this, Estate Manager deputes Engineers, Electrician, Plumber, Carpenter, etc regularly to inspect the power installations, water supply, buildings etc to recommend improvements in the amenities and maintenance works. Wherever necessary students under Earn and Learn scheme provide maintenance.


Technical Staff in respective Science laboratories are responsible for maintaining the workplace in a clean and tidy manner on a daily basis completing the tasks the maintenance and cleaning of the assets and equipment and the work area informing the Department Heads of any safety hazards related to equipment or work areas. The entrusted faculty from time to time suggests about the service and maintenance of equipment in their charge.


Library assistants under the supervision of Librarian are responsible for maintaining an orderly arrangement of library materials. Stack maintenance, proper use of classification systems, binding of damaged out of print books, Replacement of Library materials which are lost, stolen, or never returned, Weeding and Discards to remove obsolete materials from the collection and accommodate newly acquired resources, shelfreading for placing frequently used materials in accessible places and keeping related materials together etc. some of the common activities need to be carried out regularly.


The Computer technician, Lab Assistant and entrusted staff are expected to carry out two types of works regularly: Preventive or scheduled maintenance where equipment or facilities are inspected, maintained and protected before break down and Corrective maintenance where equipment is repaired or replaced after wear, malfunction. Since the computers would be either in warranty period or under AMCs, the staff shall inform the service providers to undertake the needed work. Some common works such as installing of software, tweaking network, connecting peripherals such as printers and scanners, backing up data, updating antivirus, upkeep of UPS batteries etc are undertaken.

Sports Infrastructure:

Director of Physical education would be responsible for maintenance and security of sports fields and facilities. Inspections of all assets on a regularly scheduled basis in order to increase the accessibility and quality of the existing infrastructure, maintenance of equipment and replacement of worn out materials, keeping quality of sport ground, field and surfaces are to be taken care by concerned staff.


The college office and departments would follow necessary procedures to ensure that the classrooms are in order and physical ambience is conducive for teaching and learning. Repairs of permanently installed materials/equipment, repair of classroom seating, electrical outlets etc, should be looked into by the Estate Manager.

Responsible Persons:

CAO : Rajendra Kankariya
All HODs
Librarian : Sameer More
Estate Manager : Shri Sandeep Shah
Office Superintendent :Shivaji Chavan
Senior Technician :BhushanPatil
Senior Computer Lab Assistant : Mangesh Mandhare
Senior Science Lab Assistant : Gulab Parmeshwar Bansode
Electrician : Sayyed Ekbal
Plumber : Raju
Carpentar : Bahadur