Perspective / Strategic Plan


(Proposed period (2014-15 to 2019-20)

UG: Courses Mathematics , Statistics, Electronics , Physics, Animation, Chemistry. Banking, Finance,Computer concept.
B.A. in Economics, English.

PG Courses

M.Com. with all specialised subjects.
M.A. in Economics and English.
MBS, M.Lib.

Research Centre

Computer and Commerce.

Department wise Add on / Vocational Courses

Certificate course in SAP, Banking, International Business.
Certificate course in Tourism.
Certificate couse in Shorthand and Typing.
Certificate couse in stock exchange.
Certificate couse in investment plans.
Certificate couse in stock keeping & purchasing.
Certificate couse in actuarial science.
Certificate couse in international trade, micro Finance.
Certificate couse in industrial Economics.
Certificate couse in Energy conservation, environmental science.
Certificate couse in Laptop Repairing, Android Development.


All classrooms with LCD Projectors.
Smart boards in 10 Class rooms.
Fully equipped virtual Class rooms.
Online Internal Examination for all courses.
E-books and e-journals in library.
Biometric attendance in classroom.
Knowledge Resource Centre.


In-door games.
Auditorium with capacity of 700.
Boys Hostel ↦ Girls Hostel.
Recreation Room.
Yoga and Mediation Centre.
Girls Counselling centre.
Career Counselling centre.
Counselling centre for slow learners.
Rain Water Harvesting.
Solar Pannel.
Stationary Shops for notebook, writing material etc.

Financial Resources

Development funds of self financial courses.
Donations from alumni.
Funds from Corporate, Members of Assembly and Members of Parliament Grants from District Sports Authority, Ministry of Environment, etc.
Rents and earnings from cafeteria, hostel, auditorium, ampi theatre, etc.
UGC Grants under 2f and 12B.
University BCUD Grants.
Cash, kind contribution or donations from members, citizens and stakeholders.
By signing MOU‘s with companies.
From stationary shops.


Sr No. Heads 2014-15 to 2016-17 ( 3 Years) In Lakhs 2017-18 to 2019-20 ( 3 Years) In Lakhs 2020-21 to 2023-24 ( 4 Years) In Lakhs Total In Lakhs
1 Self financial courses 15 15 25 55
2 Teaching- learningevaluation 10 15 20 45
3 Infrastructure 300 250 350 900
  Budget Total In Lakhs 325 280 395 1000