Vivek Vahini


Committee Chairman:-
             Prof. Abhra Pratip Ray

Committee Member:-
             Prof. Aparna Joshi,
             Prof. Arvind Borge,
             Prof. Sonali Bhusare,
             Dr. Roopa Shah ,
             Prof. Giridhar Gundre,
             Prof. Amol Kumbhar,
             Prof. Manvi Singh,
             Dr. Surekha Jogdand.


Vivek Vahini is an in-college, mentor-based activity & discussion program for undergraduate youth. This program brings mentors together with small groups of students to conduct and engage in scientific investigations. Vivek Vahini unit in the college aims at the eradication of superstition and promotion of scientific approach. This works in consistent collaboration with the Andhashraddha Nirmulan Samiti (ANIS). Periodic demonstrations and discussions are held on behalf of Vivek Vahini, and assistance of the members of ANIS is sought for the same.

Committee Objectives

To create awareness amongst students and masses in public about true spirirt of science and stop the spreading of wrong understandings of magical powers.
To continue inquisitiveness among the college students and inculcate Scientific temper among them, removing superstitious beliefs.
To trigger interest among the students in specialised scientific demonstrations.
To encourage, motivate and equip the students in applications of various experiements, demonstrations and its interface with society.


Learning scientific demonstrations and experiements from various industry experts.
Conducting deomnstrations in public gatherings and induce the removal of superstitious beliefs.