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“A world where every day brings new opportunities for growth, exploration, and self-discovery.”

National Service Scheme:

The National Service Scheme (NSS) unit engages in various projects to contribute to society and raise awareness among our students about social issues. It organizes social service programs in both rural and urban areas. Students interested in joining NSS can reach out to the NSS program officers for further information.

Pratibha Counseling Center & Faculty Mentorship:

The college implemented the faculty mentor scheme in 2010. Each student is assigned a faculty member who serves as their guide and counselor throughout their college journey. Students have the freedom to discuss any academic or personal issues with their mentors. This scheme fosters a strong student-teacher relationship, reminiscent of the traditional ‘Gurukul’ system.

Earn and Learn Scheme:

The university and college have launched the Earn & Learn scheme to support financially disadvantaged students. The university provides annual funds of Rs. 3,00,000, while the college, as a corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative, contributes an additional amount of up to Rs. 2,00,000. This program aims to assist these students in building their careers and overcoming financial barriers.

Industrial Visits & Study Tours:

PCCCS benefits from its proximity to prominent global businesses, offering students valuable opportunities to visit these industries and gain insights into their work cultures. Moreover, visits to multinational corporations (MNCs) across India are organized to foster an understanding of cross-cultural operations in multinational companies.

Student Development Cell:

Pratibha College has a dedicated Student Development Center (SDC) that offers a wide range of non-academic activities, including cake making, trekking, robotics workshops, disaster management, and photography. These activities are designed to contribute to the overall development of the students.

Alumni Association:

Pratibha College established an alumni association in June 2010 to connect with former students who are making significant contributions in various sectors of society. The association serves as a source of inspiration for current students to excel while also motivating alumni to contribute to the college’s development.