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Principal, PCCCS
M.Sc ,P.G.D.C.A ,M.Phil.,Ph.D (Electronics)

Dear Stakeholders,

With my head held high, with great vigor and enthusiasm in my heart and with my passion for innovation, I visualize a very bright future for Pratibha College of Commerce and Computer Studies, Chinchwad, Pune. I know excellence is not attained within a day. It needs perseverance, persistence, and constant efforts in the right direction. Institute was started in 2007 and Since then, we all have been witnessing many changes in this institution in academics, infrastructure, students and other stakeholders. There has been a paradigm shift from traditional education to outcome-based education with reforms in the assessment methods. The college has been awarded with various schemes, and funding has been one of the major milestones in the history of this institution. Every student in this campus is mentored and guided by their teachers, so that the student chooses right path towards career, growth and excellence. Teachers follow variety of teaching pedagogies and are now trained for online and blended mode of learning. The institution has also entered into national, international and industry MoUs which has paved way for expertise of global level, interactions and guidance from industry and also promoted internships. Research has been introduced to students from undergraduate level, so that they learn the basics of research. Overall, each student gets a conducive learning environment and a platform for their overall growth and development. We are always looking forward to the betterment of all the stakeholders. Students are provided with a platform to think, express and exhibit their potential through various activities. As suggested by the Darwin’s theory, “Survival of the fittest,” my message and advice to the students is to be flexible and take a serious view of the prevailing atmospheres, think of the suggested measures and work towards their development in a practical manner. I wish our students success in all their endeavours!

– Dr.A.K.Walunj