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“In the realm of knowledge, our academic infrastructure stands tall as a beacon of inspiration, empowering students to reach new heights of intellectual growth.”


We prioritize providing our students with the best infrastructure and fully equipped classrooms. Our classrooms feature amphi theater style seating, accommodating up to 80-100 students, ensuring a conducive learning environment with ample space, comfort, and all necessary tools for their education.

Seminar Hall/Auditorium:

The College features a fully functional, centrally air-conditioned auditorium with a seating capacity of 200. Equipped with a state-of-the-art audio-visual system and versatile lighting arrangements, the auditorium serves as a venue for a wide range of events, including cultural programs, lectures, and annual college functions.

Library & Bank-Book:

Pratibha Library is the College’s central hub, housing 19,919 books, N-List E-Journals, a reading hall, and a Book Bank service. Operating on an open access system, it boasts a remarkable collection of rare books, reference research journals, and magazines. The reserve section also holds essential textbooks.

Amphi Theater & Community Hall:

The Amphi Theater & Community Hall, with its spacious area and inviting ambiance, has become a popular venue for students to showcase their hidden talents and abilities through various cultural, social, and intellectual performances.

Computer Laboratories:

As generation ‘Z’, computers are integral to our lives. With five computer labs equipped with 210+ Dual Core Pentium based PCs and internet access; we are fully immersed in the digital world. We believe in expanding horizons beyond social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, and we are dedicated to helping you explore the vast opportunities available at your fingertips. The world is yours to discover, and we are here to support your journey.


Our canteen serves excellent food with high hygiene standards, offering a healthy cuisine. The campus food is available at affordable rates, allowing students to enjoy this facility during their leisure time.